About Us

MINTLIMEBLUE is inspired by the love for family and travel. 
We've been established since 2009 and have evolved as our family grows, hence so do ideas for this store.

 Coming from a background where my parents are from the Greek Islands, the love for Summer and the beach is always part of our lives. Our fast paced city life sometimes requires an escape so MintLimeBlue was that perfect escape into the beauty of simple living.

Travelling also inspires us to select styles with comfort in mind. Styles, that will travel easily with you and designs that are unique and easy to wear.

Our latest venture into the Baby and Childrens world is an expansion of our every day family life and evolving into the imagination of childhood. A new discovery of playtime and making loving memories that will last a lifetime...

We welcome you to follow our journey on social media as we update you on our latest collections.